Mahiwagang Tsubibo, my first Tagalog song of 2021 is finally out everywhere! I know that I say this with every release, but, I’m really excited for this one! To me, there is just something so special about releasing a song that’s written in my mother tongue. Mahiwagang Tsubibo was written last summer while I shared […]

Bad News, the second song off of “Panting Heart” EP is now available! “Bad News, follows Dey Rose, a grifter, con-artist, gambler and her band of scam merchants as they pursue their unwitting mark while running a series of low level scams. Their mark falls in love with Dey Rose. Does she feel the same […]

“Can’t we all just get along, find each other’s arms as home.” After ending 2020 with ‘Feliz Navidad ( I’m Falling Apart )’, I’m kicking off 2021 with a song called “Tired”. Unlike all of my previous releases, this tune is not about romance. This time, I’m voicing out my personal feelings towards some issues […]

Hello! After a few maneuvering through new current world challenges… Panting Heart EP is finally here! (Released on September 30, 2020) Available on Spotify, Apple Music and all major streaming platforms. Panting Heart is a collection of four English and 2 Tagalog songs highlighting both my Filipino OPM roots and Canadian music influences. These six […]

Hello loves, the second single from my upcoming EP “Panting Heart” is now officially out on Spotify, Apple Music and all major streaming platforms under Lilystars Records. “When I’m With You” was written in the summer of 2018 just after I wrote “Puzzle Piece”. It is a plead for confused feelings to be heard- about […]