“Mahiwagang Tsubibo” is Now Available

Portrait by William Orsua | Concept by Dey Rose | Layout by AJ Madronio

Mahiwagang Tsubibo, my first Tagalog song of 2021 is finally out everywhere! I know that I say this with every release, but, I’m really excited for this one! To me, there is just something so special about releasing a song that’s written in my mother tongue.

Mahiwagang Tsubibo was written last summer while I shared some brews with my Dad as we realized that the world is about to experience some tough times. The song is about forgetting whatever it is that you are currently going through, and for a moment, go back to the feeling of lightness, without any worries in the world – much like the feeling of riding a tsubibo at a local perya with your friends and loved ones, just going round and round and round. Sounds like a pretty damn good feeling to experience right about, now, doesn’t it?!

Mahiwagang Tsubibo is the first single release of my upcoming debut full length album, stay tuned!

Read more about Mahiwagang Tsubibo here https://lilystars-records.com/news/all-is-fair-at-dey-roses-fair/ (by Aldus Santos)

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