“Bad News” Official Music Video Out Now

Bad News, the second song off of “Panting Heart” EP is now available!

“Bad News, follows Dey Rose, a grifter, con-artist, gambler and her band of scam merchants as they pursue their unwitting mark while running a series of low level scams. Their mark falls in love with Dey Rose. Does she feel the same way?”

This music video was so fun to film with the greatest cast and crew ever. How often can you dress up like you’re in the early eras!? “Bad News” is a bitter-sweet note to self admitting that you’re no good for anyone’s frail heart. Everyone goes through that road at some point right? At least until you find the right path or right companionship in romance. So why not elevate the angsty message of the song with a kick-ass concept written and directed by Eugene Chok!?

Music Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsFWt2itnPM

Directed and Edited by Eugene Chok

Shot by by Thomas Walker

Read Aldus Santos’ full take and write-up on the music video here:


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