“Tired” is Now Available

Cover Art by Ige Ochoa Trinidad

“Can’t we all just get along, find each other’s arms as home.”

After ending 2020 with ‘Feliz Navidad ( I’m Falling Apart )’, I’m kicking off 2021 with a song called “Tired”. Unlike all of my previous releases, this tune is not about romance. This time, I’m voicing out my personal feelings towards some issues that we have been and are still facing now.

This song talks about misunderstandings, differences in point of views and frustrations that barricade us all from listening and communicating with each other. It also talks about “cancel culture”, how second chances rarely come now a days, and how people can tug you further down when you clearly need some picking up instead. Despite the negative points in the song, at the end, the ultimate message is to see what we are doing to each other and realize that at the end of the day.. all we’ve got is one another.

Read Aldus Santos’ take on “Tired” here: https://lilystars-records.com/news/dey-rose-tired/

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