“Di Mo Lang Alam” Official Music Video Out Now

My very first music video is officially out! “Di Mo Lang Alam” is the 4th song off of “Panting Heart” EP.

Music video concept- “Di Mo Lang Alam” heartbreaking lyrics are contrasted by the relaxed melody, rhythm and vocals. For this reason, we chose complementary yet contrasting ‘bubble gum’ colours ‘blizzard blues and soft pastel magentas’ (evocative of childhood innocence).

For the first music video release, Audrey Rose (my real name) is introduced as Dey Rose, a musician, focusing on a performance piece. The heartbreaking nature of the song is communicated throughout “Dey Rose’s” performance while the band interactions are kept light and airy.

Music video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtnwSyKzImQ

Directed/Edited by: Jeff Toledo

Shot by: Eugene Chok

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