“Panting Heart” EP Now Available

Hello! After a few maneuvering through new current world challenges… Panting Heart EP is finally here! (Released on September 30, 2020) Available on Spotify, Apple Music and all major streaming platforms.

Panting Heart is a collection of four English and 2 Tagalog songs highlighting both my Filipino OPM roots and Canadian music influences. These six songs were never intended to be in one EP as they were all written on different timezones of my merry-go-round of a life. Each song has a story that really has nothing to do with the rest of the songs. But they all have one thing in common.. they’re all love songs and they’re all written about a different relationship (channelling my inner Taylor Swift). Panting Heart outlines my own past and current romance story. Romantic relationships.. who doesn’t love everything about them?! The good, the bad, the ups and downs, the extraordinary floaty feelings all the way down to the “I wan’t to crawl up into a ball and cry” feeling. If you’re one who happen to love falling in love and giving it your all, then end up getting your heart and soul crushed into a million pieces.. but does it again. Over and over and over again.. Then this “Panting Heart” EP is for you! An emotional rollercoaster of a ride that leaves you with more hope than you thought you ever had.

The EP itself was produced and recorded in two separate timelines. Puzzle Piece, When I’m With You and Bad News were recorded early 2019 while Paulit-Ulit, Di Mo Lang Alam and Panting Heart were recorded early 2020 (pre-covid madness).

I hope that with this EP, I am able to take you on a ride with me and give you “the feels” that will either leave you sad, happy, resentful, but in the end- hopeful.

Cover Art: Ige Ochoa Trinidad https://www.instagram.com/theentireexercise/?hl=en

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