Puzzle Piece Now Available

Hello loves! I am happy to announce that my debut single “Puzzle Piece” is now officially out on Spotify and all major streaming platforms! 

As many artists experience, I was going through a writer’s block and I wasn’t able to find inspiration anymore which led me to stop creating music for a couple of years, up until the summer of 2018 when a very good friend of mine invited me to a music festival in Squamish BC called Blessed Coast Festival. I’ve always been a huge fan of music festivals, but this one was quite different and interesting among all festivals I’ve ever attended. It was a very family and community oriented event with kids running around so happily and everybody seemed so carefree. The music was great of course, but the amount of love and kindness being projected by each and everyone at the festival towards each other was overwhelmingly beautiful. And after at least two years of not being able to write, that was the day I felt free again from whatever was holding me back, and I wrote “Puzzle Piece”. This song is about realizing that in life and in love, if we have trust in something Greater, trust in the Universe and it’s mysterious ways, know that when everything seem to not work out and crumble down, things start to align the way they are suppose to, it’s about seeing life as a puzzle and that every little thing we go through is a working piece until we find the right pieces that will make sense of it all. 

Exactly a year ago, this song was recorded at Rain City Recorders with some of my good friends in Vancouver and I am very happy to have finally released it. Working alongside many musicians as a sound technician, over time, I’ve built a list of musicians that I’ve always wanted to play with and so with the help of my good friend Harvey Paris who produced and played in the song, we approached the amazing musicians behind this track (Lamar Alviar, Jeanse Le Doujet, Alex Flock) as well as Braeden Rangno of Rain City Recorders to engineer and mix it, and Brock McFarlane of CPS Mastering to master the song. And I couldn’t be more proud and happier with the outcome and how much fun we all had creating this project!


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